UMVIM: Volunteer Accident Insurance for Local and US-based trips

All UMVIM projects, no matter the location or scope, are required to carry insurance for personal injury in case of an accident. 

Volunteer Accident Insurance is designed for local and US-based projects. Also recommended for the host of any volunteer project on or off the church campus.

The cost of the volunteer accident insurance is $3.25 per person, per location annually (coverage year is May 30 - May 30). Once a host coordinator or team leader has registered and paid for a volunteer, that volunteer is cleared to work on UMVIM-related service projects AT THAT LOCATION for the coverage year.


Location Host or VolunteerTeam Leader Contact Information: *Denotes required field.
*First Name
*Last Name
Location Information:
Church Name:
If the volunteer service was conducted at a United Methodist Church in the CA-NV Annual Conference, please select the name of the church from the drop-down box provided. Churches are listed in alpha order, city name first.
Other Location of Service: Provide the name of the location and the address (i.e., camp name and address, etc.)
*Date of Service:

Provide the start date of the service. Each volunteer is covered for one year per location. Coverage year is May 30 - May 30.

*How many volunteer days:

(please enter the number of days you will be on your trip)

*Number of volunteers serving at this location: ($3.25)

Enter the number of volunteers. Cost of insurance is $3.25 per person, per location for the period of one year (coverage year is May 30 - May 30).

Only number values are allowed
*Names of the volunteers:

List the names of all volunteers serving at this location.

Payment Information:

YOU WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION VIA EMAIL WHEN YOU CLICK ON "SUBMIT." You may pay on line using your credit card - or if you prefer to pay by check, make checks payable to CA-NV Annual Conference (add " U.S. Volunteer Accident Insurance" on the memo line) and mail to: Shari Sandoval at CA-NV Annual Conference, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA, 95798. Questions? Shari Sandoval at or 916-374-1528.

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