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CA-NV Annual Conference,  P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798. 
Telephone number: (916) 374-1500 Email: XXXXXXXXX
Questions? Email: _____________________ 

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"Thank you for registering to attend the (name of event). Please review your answers and print a copy for your records. If you did not pay on line, mail your completed registration form and payment to the attention of (name of person) at CA-NV Annual Conference, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798 (or other address). Make the check payable to CA-NV Annual Conference and add "name of event" on the memo line. Please contact (name of contact person) at (phone #) or (email of person) with any questions (if different than contact person above). "

The standard registration form includes:

a. Contact Information: Name, address, email, telephone number 
b. Church or other affiliation 
c. Choice of dates and times of class/training/event to select. 
d. Payment information 
e. Event details 

If you want registrants to provide any additional information, please include those questions (or information) here.

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