California Nevada Conference

ACS20: Recommendations, Resolutions and Petitions Submission Form

Please note the guidelines in our conference Standing Rules, Division I. F. 4. found on pages 328-329 of the 2019 Journal: 

Recommendations, resolutions and petitions may be brought before the session by councils, boards, commissions, committees, or agencies of the annual conference; by a local church, through action of its administrative board, charge conference, or church conference; or by individual lay members of local churches within the annual conference or clergy members of the annual conference, directly to the conference secretary. Items submitted by agencies and local churches shall include the number of members of that body, the number present, the number voting for, the number voting against, and the date that the action was taken.

Recommendations, resolutions and petitions shall be submitted without “whereas” clauses but may include an explanatory statement which shall not be subject to action by the session.

Recommendations, resolutions or petitions received will be acknowledged by the conference secretary. Those not conforming to the appropriate format will be returned to the sender for reformatting.


Recommendations normally ask the conference to take action or do something, such as amend one of its rules or add a task force.

Resolutions typically ask the conference to make a statement or say something, such as commend a public official for action or express condolences to a family or community following a loss.

Petitions invite conference members who favor a given action or statement to express their support by signing a document.


In order to be considered at the 2020 Annual Conference Session, recommendations, resolutions and petitions which do not pertain to matters related to the 2020 General Conference must be received by the conference secretary by April 1, 2020 – the deadline established by the Commission on the Annual Conference Session. Recommendations, resolutions, and petitions which arise from decisions taken by and/or matters related to the 2020 General Conference (meeting May 5-15) must be received by the conference secretary by June 1, 2020. (Items resulting from situations whose late development prevented their submission prior to these deadlines may be considered by the session under the rules found in Division I. F. on page 329 of the 2019 Journal.)

*First Name
*Last Name
*Title of the recommendation, resolution, or petition:
*Name of the submitting group: (or individual, if not submitted by a group)
*Number of members of the submitting group: (where applicable)
Number of members present when voting:
*Number of members voting "For":
*Number of members voting "Against":
*Date the recommendation, resolution or petition was adopted by the submitting group/individual:
*Fiscal impact anticipated if the recommendation, resolution or petition is adopted:
*Preference for consideration following Parliamentary Procedure or Petitionary Procedure:

(Please review standing rules Division I. C. 5. and 6. on pages 324-325 of the 2019 Journal.)

*Text of the recommendation, resolution or petition:

Copy and paste or enter the text of the recommendation, resolution or petition here.

*Explanation in support of the recommendation, resolution or petition:

Copy and paste or enter your explanation here.

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