Planning for Retirement 2019

If you are thinking about retiring within the next 10 years, please join the Board of Pensions for this educational seminar that will cover such topics such as pension planning, estate planning, long-term care insurance, health care and much more.

The Seminar will be held on May 29 -30 at the Christ the King Retreat Center, 6520 Van Maaren Lane,  Citrus Heights, CA 95621 

  • $125 Registration/Housing fee for Clergy & Spouse together
  • $100 Registration/Housing fee for Clergy only, requesting a private room
  • $75 Registration fee for "Commuters",  individuals who do not wish to spend the night at Christ the King

Fee includes cost of 4 meals: lunch and dinner on 5/29 and breakfast and lunch on 5/30. there is no discount if you bring your own food or choose to eat elsewhere. 

Early Bird Special:  Save $25 if you register and pay by April 15, 2019.

Couple ($125)
Single ($100)
Commuter Individual ($75)
Commuter Couple ($150)
Who will be attending
*First Name
*Last Name
Preferred Name
First Name of Spouse/Partner, if attending
Last Name of Spouse/Partner, if attending
Amount to be mailed to the Board of Pensions
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