YC20: About Me Form

Camp can be a magical time for children to learn and grow. For the Directors and staff to enhance the experience for individual campers, we need to know some things about your child. Many parents are hesitant to share personal information about their child for fear that their child may be denied enrollment or that such information will prejudice us against their child. The information will be shared only with appropriate staff members.


Please fill in your childs information.

*First Name
*Last Name
Preferred Name
*Name of camp I'm attending:
Toyon Camps: July 6-12
Toyon L.I.T: July 6-12 (15-17 years old)
Lodestar Camps: July 12-18
Lodestar L.I.T: July 12-18 (15-17 years old)
*Age at Camp:
*Date of Birth:
*Grade in Fall 2020:
*List THREE things you like about yourself:
Name and age of siblings:
*Local Church:
*Do you go to Sunday school?:
*Do you attend Youth Group?:
*Have you been to camp before?:
If yes, when and where?:
*What did you enjoy about camp?:
*Any dislikes about camp?
*Does your child have any fears?: (camp or other)
*What is your child looking forward to most at camp?:
*Are there any recent occurrences in family or school life that might affect your child's behavior at camp?: (divorce, death, etc.)
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child?:
By checking this box,

As a participant in the indicated camp, I, the undersigned, will cooperate with the leaders of the camp. I will involve myself with camp activities offered. I will not bring any type of weapon(s), or use any alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (except for prescribed medical purposes.) I will act and speak in way consistent with Christian values. I understand failure to do so could prohibit my continued participation in camp.

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