2019 Shasta Family Camp

Shasta Family Camp is a camp for all ages! From hikes around the flower-filled fields to relaxing mid-day breaks, this is the perfect opportunity to bond with friends and family, and to be drawn closer to the flow of the Holy Spirit. We welcome joyful songs, weary souls, and everything in between. Join along as we celebrate the majesty of creation and respond to God’s call!

Friendship, music, nature, and fine camp dining. Come as you are, and leave refreshed, nourished, and eager for the next year.

Shasta Family Camp
July 20-26, 2019
Camp Director: Trust Hilton shastafamilycamp@gmail.com





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Payment: Online using your credit card or by check: Mail your check to: CA-NV Annual Conference, Attn: Shari Sandoval, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798. 
Checks made payable to: CA-NV Annual Conference. Memo line: Shasta Family Camp

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