2021 Pension Billing Calculator

Plan Compensation
*Plan Compensation

NOTE REGARDING YOKED APPOINTMENTS: For the most accurate results, this worksheet must include compensation information from all charges.

Enter the amount listed on Line 13 from the 2021 Pastor's Compensation Record: This should include cash salary, housing allowance/parsonage and utilities.If a parsonage or church housing is provided, you must add 25% to Cash Salary and Utilities. 

*Which of the following applies to your pastor?
Appointed Full-time
3/4 time Clergy Ordained in the Cal-Nev AC (Member/Elder)
3/4-time Clergy Not Ordained in the Cal-Nev AC (Local Pastor)
1/2-time Clergy
1/4 time Clergy
*Is the plan compensation AT LEAST $68,876?

The base for the Comprehensive Protection Plan must be at least $68,876

Clergy Retirement Saving Plan (CRSP)
*Defined Benefit

Enter the correct amount based on the  total appointment status of the pastor from all appointments (FT, 3/4, or 1/2):

6961  for Full-time

5221  for 3/4 time

3481 for 1/2 time

Defined Contribution Amount (3% of plan compensation)
CPP Base Amount
Comprehensive Protection Plan Amount (Full-time and 3/4 time clergy only)
Comprehensive Protection Plan Amount - 4% of plan compensation (Full-time and 3/4 time clergy only)
Estimated Amounts
Estimated Annual 2021 Pension Amount
Estimated Annual Pension Amount (No CPP)
Estimated Monthly Billing Amount*
Estimated Monthly Pension Bill (No CPP)
Estimated Annual 2021 Pension Amount (Min CPP)
Estimated 2021 Monthly Pension Billing Amount (Min CPP)

*This is an estimate based on the information provided.  Final billing amounts may differ. 

Clergy who are appointed to 1/4 time or less are not eligible for church-sponsored pensions.

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