2018 Bishop's Confirmation Great Northern District Churches - Lake Tahoe UMC & Retreat Center

The Bishop's Confirmation Retreat scheduled for May 11-12 at Lake Tahoe UMC & Retreat Center is an event for the Great Northern District churches. This event is an opportunity for confirmation candidates to engage in a high energy, hands-on event through worship, workshops and fellowship with Bishop Minerva Carcaño, workshop leaders, and other Methodist youth. It is a deepening faith experience to be had before, during or after Confirmation classes. All must register. Up to two adult chaperones with each group are free. Space is limited!

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Our conference child protection policy states that each chaperone attending a conference event MUST be background-checked as part of their responsibility as a local church youth worker. Additionally, there MUST be at least ONE adult (18 years or older) for every FIVE youth attending this event from a local church. We also suggest that there be an appropriate number of male and female counselors with your group.


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This is a high energy, fast-paced event. If you have a participant with special needs or dietary requirements, please provide us with that information below.

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Please make sure you have commitments from your youth and chaperones before you sign up. FULL PAYMENT ($35 per youth) is due at the time of registration to guarantee space. Up to TWO adult chaperones with each group are FREE. Refunds will be made only in case of emergency.

Lake Tahoe UMC May 11-12 ($35)
Adult #1
Adult #2
Adult #3 ($35)
Lake Tahoe UMC May 11-12: There are only 8 available
Adult #1: There are only 3 available
Adult #2: There are only 2 available
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You will receive confirmation of this event via email. Please keep the email for access to your registration and payment.

Payment: Online using your credit card or if you prefer, by check: Mail your payment to: Shari Sandoval at CA-NV Annual Conference, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798.  Checks payable to: CA-NV Annual Conference. Memo line: Bishop's Confirmation.


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