2018 Bishop's Confirmation - Camp Lodestar

Bishop's Confirmation Retreat is scheduled for April 6-7 at Camp Lodestar. This event is an opportunity for confirmation candidates to engage in a high energy, hands-on event through worship, workshops and fellowship with Bishop Minerva Carcaño, workshop leaders, and other Methodist youth. It is a deepening faith experience to be had before, during or after Confirmation classes. ALL ATTENDING MUST REGISTER, THIS INCLUDES CHAPERONES. Space is limited!

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Our conference child protection policy states that each chaperone attending a conference event MUST be background-checked as part of their responsibility as a local church youth worker. Additionally, there MUST be at least ONE adult (18 years or older) for every FIVE youth attending this event from a local church. We also suggest that there be an appropriate number of male and female counselors with your group.


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This is a high energy, fast-paced event. If you have a participant with special needs or dietary requirements, please provide us with that information below.

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Please make sure you have commitments from your youth and chaperones before you sign up. FULL PAYMENT ($75 per person) is due at the time of registration to guarantee space. Refunds will be made only in case of emergency.

Camp Lodestar April 6-7 ($75)
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Thank you for registering to attend "Bishop's Confirmation Retreat" 
You will receive confirmation of this event via email. Please keep the email for access to your registration and payment.

Payment: Online using your credit card or if you prefer, by check: Mail your payment to: Shari Sandoval at CA-NV Annual Conference, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798.  Checks payable to: CA-NV Annual Conference. Memo line: Bishop's Confirmation.


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